about greenspoon aromatherapy

Rebecca Greenspoon is the founder of Greenspoon Aromatherapy, LLC. As a child, Rebecca would get lost in the world of scents and fragrances. She knew it was her calling and wanted to make her dream a reality. When she was older, she combined her passions for helping people and creating scents and became a licensed mental health therapist in Delray Beach, Florida. Her main focus was treating individuals with mental health and substance abuse issues. Thanks to her love for oils and scents, she also obtained a certification in Aromatherapy.

Rebecca’s practice experienced tremendous success quickly so she decided to expand her product line and make her remedies available to the public. Greenspoon Aromatherapy was created as a result of Rebecca combining her aromatherapy and mental health knowledge. Her products are even custom made to meet each clients specific needs.

Greenspoon Aromatherapy’s motto is Smell Good ~ Feel Better. Greenspoon accomplishes this by combining fragrance oils (Smell Good) with 100% essential oils (Feel Better). Greenspoon Aromatherapy’s products are all natural and toxin and chemical free. Basically, they are incredibly good for you and you’ll smell great too!